Students Falls For Online Dating Scam

December 8, 2022

Online dating and dating apps are used by more than 40 million college students. It’s wise to keep a few safety measures in mind when meeting someone new, whether in person or online. Since dating apps don’t check users’ criminal histories, it is up to each user to decide whether they feel safe meeting up with someone. It’s crucial to keep in mind that if you do encounter sexual assault or violence while using an app for dating, it could be an online dating scam.

Students Falls For Online Dating Scam

Student Online Dating Scam: How It Operates

A Los Angeles-based reader who almost fell for the scam alerted us to it by sending us an email with the whole account. One of the weirdest online dating scams is this one.

Imagine the following case: When a post catches your attention, you find yourself scrolling through profiles on several online dating services. A local lady who identifies as a student promises to “make you happy” if you bail her out of a jam. You can see that she is real because she even introduces herself to you over a Google Hangouts session.

She claims that despite being in need, she requires a textbook or essay from the school in order to pass the class. The essay is available as a PDF file online on one particular website. If you visit the website and buy the essay for her, she claims she will engage in sexual activity with you.

This could seem unattainable to some guys. Yes, it is. The “female” they run into runs the website as well. The credit card is practically maxed up after she receives it. It is among the most prevalent Google Hangouts frauds. There is however more.

There are several variations of this fraud, but the essay item for sale seems to be the most common. Not to mention that, like in many other instances, the girl is probably a boy. He is merely using stock images of a stunning woman that were taken from the Internet.

Watch the video below to see an alternative online dating scam and hear from a real victim who explains what scammers actually do:

How To Avoid The Student Online Dating Scam

Face-to-face interactions are the best method to get to know someone, just like in other online dating situations. Don’t even bother asking for a meeting in this situation. Before you even see the individual’s real face, if the person you’re “dating” online requests money, it’s almost always a hoax.

You may be contacted on social media, including sites like Facebook and Instagram, in addition to online dating websites.

Sometimes the con artists may even send a partner to meet you in order to gain your trust. You definitely need to understand how to read all the clues in this situation. Join reputable websites that offer that option, such Ashley Madison or Searching For Singles, if you’re actually looking to start dating someone online.

How To Report An Online Dating Student Scam

Using the provided sharing buttons, spread the word about the Online Dating Student scam to your family and friends. Additionally, you can formally report the con artists to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) by clicking the following link:

Report Scammers Here To The FTC

How to Be More Protective

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