Extortion Warning for Online Dating

December 5, 2022

Scam of Online Dating Extortion: How It Operates

In the digital age, finding love usually involves at least a shallow foray into the world of online dating. However, the FBI is cautioning online daters about an extortion scam going around in dating site chat rooms. There are fresh and legal platforms you might join, such as Ashley Madison or Searching For Singles. What’s the scam’s mechanism?

Extortion Warning for Online Dating

The extortion scam is uncovered in the video below.

Unaware victims start a chat conversation with a potential match in these romance frauds. On websites like Google Hangouts, Tinder, or Instagram, the scammer will start to engage in more sex chat once they have gained your trust.

After exchanging several messages, the con artist may expose the private discussions, together with your name and photo, on a website, claiming that you are a cheater. Alternatively, they may just upload a photo of you with a little too much skin on display.

Following your payment of several hundred dollars, they offer to remove the damaging material. The information stays on the website after the money is transferred. According to the FBI, divorced women over the age of 40 appear to make up the majority of the victims thus far.

Other online dating scams include the Secret Admirer Card Scam, Background Check, Free Meal Approach, and Real Love Scam.

How To Avoid The Extortion Dating Scam Online:

Never, ever have a sexual conversation online, despite the fact that it may seem obvious. You really have no idea who you are talking to, and there is a very real chance that you could be threatened with extortion or have your reputation damaged.

Nowadays, a lot of prospective employers search online for qualified candidates. You can probably guess that this kind of careless behaviour will result in your resume being destroyed.

A reasonable rule of thumb for internet chat is to assume that it is okay if you wouldn’t be ashamed to show it to your parents (or your pastor).

Join trustworthy dating websites where you may communicate with actual individuals if you’re still looking for your true match. There are several options available; this is what we advise.

How To Report The Extortion Scam In Online Dating:

Using the buttons given, share this fraud with your relatives and friends on social media. Using the following link, you may also formally report the con artists to the Federal Trade Commission:

Report Here To The FTC

How To Better Protect Yourself:

You may sign up for the Scam Detector email here if you want to be the first to learn about the most well-known scams every week. Periodic emails will be sent to you, and we swear not to spam. Last but not least, reveal further con artists using the comments area below.

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