Guidelines For Writing

BUZZNC.COM is an open blog and you are all welcome to join our team of self-motivated and talented writers to become a valuable content contributing member.buzznc.comHere’s all what you can do at BuzRush platform

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Please spare yourself a moment and go through our blog guidelines to ensure the seamless and hassle-free content submission experience.

1. Your content should be 100% original, error-free, plagiarism-free, unoffensive and non-abusive.
2. Images are required along with the submitted content.
3. Matter of content should be informative in nature.
4. Promotional content will NOT be accepted
5. If case you are submitting a story or a blog post, the permissible word limit is Min 500 words. Any content below or above the prescribed limit will NOT be accepted.
6. You are allowed to place 1 dofollow within your post.

Our expert panel team will review each entry within 24 hours and holds the right to rejection in case the submitted material doesn’t qualify as per the listed guidelines.

So, what are you waiting for? Join us now and become a valuable contributor to the ever-expanding BUZZNC community.

For further queries, write to us at INFO@BUZZNC.COM