Online Dating: Mysterious Admirer Card

December 4, 2022

The Secret Admirer Scam’s Mechanism:

Being adored is always pleasant, and getting it covertly from a distance makes it even more seductive. However, a current con that is going around includes victims receiving an e-card from a fan. The content of an actual e-card being distributed reads as follows, whether delivered via online dating services or even Google Hangouts:

Online Dating Mysterious Admirer Card

“Content of e-card:

Hey. I’ve never done anything like this, so it’s difficult for me, but I really like you. For reasons that you would immediately see as apparent if you knew who this was, I have never been able to tell you.

You really have my attention, and I believe you would want to date *Read FULL Card Here*.

One of two things happens when the victim clicks on the link: either the link downloads a keylogger on their computer, allowing the con artist to watch them while they work in real time, or the link downloads malware or a virus.

The link may potentially take you to a page that requests personal information from you in order to reveal your admirer’s identity. Your identity is then stolen using the information. The majority of romance scams begin in this manner.

See another iteration of the online dating scam in the video below:

The Secret Admirer Scam: How to Avoid It

The significance of keeping your antivirus software updated cannot be overstated. Additionally, avoid opening emails from unknown senders, and if you do accidentally do so, avoid clicking any links they may contain.

Protecting your identity online is crucial; keep in mind that if someone actually likes you, they probably won’t let you know by e-card.

On Hangouts, be on the lookout for any type of romance scammer who requests that you download a file.

Detecting the Secret Admirer Scam:

Using the buttons given, share this fraud with your relatives and friends on social media. Using the following link, you may also formally report the con artists to the Federal Trade Commission:

Report Here To The FTC

How to Better Protect Yourself:

You may sign up for the Scam Detector email here if you want to be the first to learn about the most well-known scams every week. Periodic emails will be sent to you, and we swear not to spam. Last but not least, reveal further con artists using the comments area below.

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