Is a Cryptocurrency Scam Costing You a Bunch of Money?

December 5, 2022

Have You Been the Victim of a Crypto Scam? We Can Assist With Recovery

The research claims that there are a number of characteristics of cryptocurrency that attract con artists. “There isn’t a bank or other centralised organisation to flag transactions as questionable and try to prevent fraud before it happens. It is impossible to reverse cryptographic transactions; the money cannot be retrieved after it has been sent. And most people still don’t understand how cryptography operates. These factors are not specific to cryptocurrency transactions, but they all favour con artists, according to the analysis.

Cryptocurrency Scam Costing You a Bunch of Money

Recently, a growing number of customers have spoken with us about how to get their money back after investing in bogus cryptocurrency services. In addition to the Federal Trade Commission, Scam Detector has teamed up with some of the most potent asset recovery organisations in the world to take on the offenders jointly.

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Kindly complete the following form as completely as possible. When it comes to cryptocurrency fraud, the procedure of recovering the money is extremely time-consuming and labour-intensive. The good news is that success is frequent, depending on the variables.

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49 Opinion on “Crypto Scammed?” We Can Assist in Recovering the Funds”


NOVEMBER 28, 2022 AT 9:40 PM

Hey, has anybody heard about ctrlex?

Invested $100,000, including gains, and now have $700,000, however my account is frozen and I have to pay 5% to unfreeze it in order to withdraw money. I’m not willing to pay, hence my capital has likely been lost.


NOVEMBER 27, 2022 AT 6:47 PM

I was scammed by the company and lost more than $15,000 in the process.


NOVEMBER 24, 2022 AT 5:18 PM

I was defrauded by the lifecoinfx LTD company, who seized all of my life savings—more than $40k. It’s still operational, and I’m curious how this happened. They continue to kill people in this manner! We currently lead a frightening life!


NOVEMBER 23, 2022 AT 3:06 PM

Got scammed by’

Bhavna Patel and Bill Jefferson .

Spent $20,000.00 on their binary crap.

They primarily target elderly people. Is there anyone that can help me recover the money?


NOVEMBER 20, 2022 AT 1:16 AM

I truly feel bad for everyone who was scammed and lost so much money. Why would someone spend that much money in strangers without first verifying everything is legitimate is what I do not comprehend.


NOVEMBER 24, 2022 AT 2:13 PM

SCAM !!!

Never Let You Withdraw, Stay Away


NOVEMBER 19, 2022 AT 12:27 AM

Don’t walk.. run like you’re sprinting for the Olympics!!!

Bitfinityfx mission statement should read “we will scam, cheat, lie and steal your money to the best of our ability”.

Then… We will fire your money around the world to places like Brazil, Colombia, Montego, Amsterdam, and of course, Israel.

BitfinityFX uses catchy domains like abuseatnamecheapdotcom and hotmasteratripedotnet. (Not allowed to present in correct format).

Our specialized team members are fully trained to bamboozle you with crypto crap and fake data. Our team consists of Sean Foster, Terry Davis, Ron Liston, Tom Sanders, and Lukas Ramon.

On September 29th this year Lucas Ramon vowed to take my account equity to final closure. After they received my $3,000 commission he said he would transfer my Bitcoin to my crypto platform, I would convert to Canadian dollars, and then he would stay with me until the wire transfer was made to my bank account. The commission was paid, then I was put on hold, listen to a bit of music, and then nothing. Dead, no one, crickets.

What followed was text after text from me, asking questions, pleading, requesting a reply. No response, nothing, crickets.

All I heard in my head was the distant sound of laughter.

This call was recorded start to finish. Lukas even comments in this call what a great day it is to be me with my incoming money.

If anyone would like to see images, documentation,

179 pages of investigative report, text, and have a copy of the recorder call, please DM me on @scambusteralta on Twitter.

I’ll be happy to tell you more about myself as well. I’m not an idiot, just too much trust and faith in my fellow man.

Please please please stay away from BITFINITYFX!!

Put no weight on the good reviews, they are fake.

I have all the proof, I invite everybody to come take a look.

Peace to all.

(And to you clowns at Bitfinityfx.. Karma is filing her nails. She’ll be with you soon!!)



NOVEMBER 16, 2022 AT 2:56 AM

Stay away from it’s big scam platform they are on WhatsApp they invite people to deposit money into sswallets to invest but they steel your money blindly stay away from



NOVEMBER 14, 2022 AT 9:53 PM

I was “Pig Bultchering” star meeting on Tik Tok videos showing how to make money using Crypto,

all the contact was WhatsApp her Name “Rose: she send me a Fake iD Drivelicese from California (San Diego), she ask me to open account on and from there she I put my money and she will copy-trade daily and showing profit daily from $700 to $1700 then jump to $3k then ask me to put more money the big reward, I done a search online and not see any thing wrong with OceanGlobal24 days and “Rose” keep me talking daily and send me her picture and make plans to meet to invest large amount money.

I done a search on “her drive license and is fake”, right there I stop and try to withdraw money from OceaGlobal24 when they put a Freze on Account…

Back and forward not able to withdraw and the Support ask me to deposit $2500 to go back normal the account.

I show a finger and put a link of my video on Tik Tok expose the Scam and “Rose” for sure use the Pig Bultchering Scam.



NOVEMBER 13, 2022 AT 12:24 PM

I invested 600 euro of bitcoin with binance at the suggestion of the lady of Igenius Giulia Kefalas and immediately afterwards my account on the site disappeared

I asked them for an explanation but they only knew how to tell me that they were verifying …… months have passed



NOVEMBER 12, 2022 AT 9:14 AM

fui victima de esta estafa pero obtuve mis reembolsos



NOVEMBER 12, 2022 AT 4:24 AM

I keep getting emails with an attachment telling me to cash out my Bitcoin. I have followed their instructions to buy $64.03 in Bitcoin sent to the address they gave me, before my withdrawal will be funded. This is the link

I bought Bitcoin through MoonPay twice and nothing. I reply to every email with copies of my receipts and no reply ever. MoonPay advised me to contact the owners and of course I don’t have that info.



NOVEMBER 11, 2022 AT 9:50 AM

i have been scammed with a platform I found a person named genie on tinder then we exchanged the numbers named anna on WhatsApp and then she started to convince me for trading and then took me to binance platform and made me transferred my money to from binance. Then she convinced me to invest money on platform and kept saying then i can withdraw this anytime. I invested around 220000 INR and made 800000 but when i came to withdraw my amount they said i have to become vip1 for withdrawal. somehow i reached to vip then they said you need to transfer your 30% tax of asset to a address then you can withdraw your money. I was lucky that I understood early and haven’t invested more money onto it. Her number is +601129254839.



NOVEMBER 11, 2022 AT 11:59 PM

That’s an awful experience but i was able to access 80% of my funds on the platfrom through



NOVEMBER 12, 2022 AT 10:45 AM

Yes but I could not even access 1% of my funds on the platform They are not even returning my invested principle amount 2700 USDT from my fund of 10500 USDT. Do you know how can I recover my amount ?



NOVEMBER 12, 2022 AT 11:40 AM

Contact an expert via email



NOVEMBER 22, 2022 AT 2:26 PM

contact Rapid Recovery through Kik app with Adventures41



NOVEMBER 12, 2022 AT 12:15 AM




NOVEMBER 24, 2022 AT 10:48 PM

the same thing happened with me now i have invested 70k and i was told to pay taxes, i feel like shit to trust them is there any way to get the invested money back please let me know, the girl i was talking to was chen kexin and the number is +447383313500

i was able to withdraw funds then i thought it was l legit deal but now after investing so much i got to know that this is a fraud, please let me know if you get any information



NOVEMBER 9, 2022 AT 11:26 AM

SCTCEX is a website that scams people. They convince people that they have a US MSB license and that they cooperate with JPM analyst team. The “JPM-assistant” contacts you on whats app or Telegram and helps you convert to USDT and then transfer to SCTC wallet. The SCTC website is a trading platform. When you see the trades from all investors in the group it is always profit. They can´t loose since JPM are “manipulating” (their own words) the price. They give you a direction “buy” or “sell” and how much you will trade. You will always win but the trading engine is manipulated and don´t follow the live price. Whey you want to withdraw money then the problems begin. They tell you to pay comission 10% (they tell you this in advance) but you need to inject money to do so. Then you have to pay tax 5 % on your whole portfolio. Whey you´ve done this they don´t answer you anymore and they block you from Telegram. It´s very detailed planned and many of the “investors” is in on it. Whey you contact them to ask them about their experience of this nobody answers or some will say that their withdrawal is within 24 hours. You let yourself believe that it all is real because you see your profit and your wallet grow and it goes fast too. You can make at least 10 000 USD per trade but I have seen as much as 130 000 USD per trade. JPM-team tells you to send screenshots of your profit so that they can calculate the comission 10%. But the screenshots is mainly to show all investors (that´s not in on the scam) that they make a lot of money and it makes you greedy. I don´t think I can get back my money even though I have screenshots of every trade and sending money between Coinbase and SCTC. I hope this warning helps people to stay away from scammers from the Internet.



NOVEMBER 15, 2022 AT 3:30 PM

This is a fraudulent site. Once you go through the steps to claim the withdrawal they ask you to pay for the conversion. The chat area is fake and repetitive. The site is a scam.



NOVEMBER 8, 2022 AT 10:00 PM

The website (DBSE) is a SCAM. DO NOT INVEST ANY MONEY HERE. everyone trying to get you to invest on this site or in a crypto currency futures called BTCL is a scammer. You will lose your money!

A Chinese woman befriended me after she texted on my number from social media. I was polite to her, and the next she contacted me on whatsapp. Over time, we chatted about many things. We became friends, or so I thought. After a while the subject of investments came up. She told me she was investor in China with her Father’s team. She will make for you love story, then will help to made some profit and as soon as i initiated a withdrawal, my account was suddenly frozen under the suspicion of money restrictions, or this is what the “customer service” said.



NOVEMBER 8, 2022 AT 9:37 PM

The website (DBSE) is a SCAM. DO NOT INVEST ANY MONEY HERE. everyone trying to get you to invest on this site or in a crypto currency futures called BTCL is a scammer. You will lose your money!

A Chinese woman befriended me after she supposedly texted my number from social media. I was polite to her, and the next day she contacted me on whatsapp. Over time, we chatted about many things. We became friends, or so I thought. After a while the subject of investments came up. She told me she was investor in China with her Father’s team. She will make for you love story, then helped to made some profit and as soon as initiated a withdrawal, my account was suddenly frozen under the suspicion of money restrictions, or this is what the “customer service” said.



NOVEMBER 8, 2022 AT 5:25 AM is where I was scammed out of $20,000. A Chinese woman befriended me after she supposedly texted my number by accident. I was polite to her, and the next day she contacted me on whatsapp. Over time, we chatted about many things. We became friends, or so I thought. After a while the subject of investments came up. She told me she was a real estate developer, and investor in LA. She offered to help me invest. I started out with only a $1500 investment. It grew quickly, and she talked me into investing more and more. Then she told me about a pledge loan I could get through I did this, and made a lot of money in my account. When It came time to repay the loan, they would not allow me to repay it with the money my account had, they would only accept outside money. I did not have enough to repay the loan. They locked my account and stole my initial investment. If you are contacted by a wrong number text, DO NOT BEFRIEND THE SCAMMER. APENFT.AI is a scam site, stay away.



NOVEMBER 8, 2022 AT 7:03 PM

Hi Robert, did she share any pictures with you? i think the same person is talking to me.



NOVEMBER 7, 2022 AT 11:22 AM

Heh everyone,

It was about the same for me as for most of you. Started from one exchange to which I was lured by the so-called romance scam. I invested some 50k EURO in it under the constant reminder that I willl receive a 12k bonus upon deposit. I made some profit and as soon as initiated a withdrawal, my account was suddenly frozen under the suspicion of money laundering, or this is what the “customer ervice” said. I was provided with a very short period of time to deposit a large amount of mone, which I didn’t have at the time.

So. I began looking for other possible solutions – came accross many companies and individuals who have claimed their willingness ot help, demanding for some payment, of course. Some of them i piad, and other were too obvious scammers to pay them anything. I now realize that I have been scammed off all of my money the whoole time. This why I am looking for some or any help.

I have also kept contact details, WhatsApp numbers, emails of every single one I have come in contact with.

If anyone can offer any legitimate help, I am open to suggestions.

Thank you!



NOVEMBER 7, 2022 AT 3:28 AM


I got scammed by the NFT platform, . The website keeps on changing their extension every once in a while in the name of maintenance. Till now they have changed from then and then . A guy named Oakley.L reached out to me on instagram to by NFT on this platform. Once bought, they asked me to pay some amount to withdraw my profit. When I paid they asked to pay some more in the name of upgrading to premium account. Then they sent me a IRS document saying that I can only withdraw if I pay the tax. Also the guy on instagram kept on talking to me till I was ready to withdraw and paid some fees then he disabled his account as well. DO NOT USE THIS PLATFORM. It might change its extension again.



NOVEMBER 4, 2022 AT 1:52 PM

I was scammed by Allegedly the company’s name is Coinz limited.

I was introduced to the company which was promising 7% weekly profit on invested money. I googled the name and the company, it appeared in the UK companies register, no other records of the company nor any complaints. It did not appear on any list of scammers. I was even accepted into a chat group of investors on Telegram. There were 94 participants.

So I started with 300$ and managed to withdraw the profit a few weeks later. After the withdrawal, I got an email from the company (Coinz limited) that I need to upgrade the account. I found it odd but the person who introduced the company to me was explaining to me that this is in the best interest of investors and that the company wants us to make a profit. At first, they wanted me to upgrade with 3000$ sent in bitcoins which I refused. Allegedly other investors were complaining too so they reduced the number to 1000$ worth of cryptocurrency. After depositing that amount my account was unblocked and again I could withdraw the profit.

In the meantime, my upgrade unlocked the special “promo plan” in which I could invest 4000$ worth of cryptocurrencies for a profit of 10.000$. Again I was encouraged by a person who introduced me to the company that I invest in this promo plan.

So when this promo plan expired the support team told me to contact a lady called Patricia Marie Ryan on Telegram. So I did.

First, she told me to download the app Itoken from app store in order to see my profit. So I did. She was guiding me through the process. So I could finally see my profit on this app, which was 14000$ at that time. But in order to move that profit to my account on their website I was told to pay an authentication code, which was promised to receive back with the profit. This code was charged 3000$. So after paying that the next day the profit on Itoken showed as 64000$ But I had to pay for the tax 4000$, after that there was a withdrawal fee 2000$, and after that, there was an IBPC which cost 5000$. When I got the IBPC they sent me an email (CONFIRMATION OF PROFITS) in which they were informing me that a bitcoin amount of $81,445 has been sent to my wallet address. But the transaction will be completed as soon as I deposit of $15000 in my brokerage account to confirm that I can take that amount of bitcoins, with the promise that this money will be returned to me with the profit. I did not want to pay to them anything anymore



NOVEMBER 3, 2022 AT 5:02 PM

The website is a SCAM. DO NOT INVEST ANY MONEY HERE. You will lose all your money!



NOVEMBER 3, 2022 AT 3:07 PM

Fuí estafada con una red de inversión en criptomonedas vía minería, se hacían pasar por la empresa Citibank, lo cual fue muy convincente al respecto, comencé con sólo 500USDT y poco a poco los fui aumentando hasta llegar a los 2080 USDT, intenté sacar el dinero y si pude sacar un poco, pero cuando intenté sacar todo el dinero, me cobrará el 30% por impuestos, y accedí pensando que podría recuperar un poco de lo que ya había invertido, una vez que realice el pago por transferencia utilizando Binance cómo medio de pago a esta cuenta (citibank) pues resultó que me pedían comprobar mi identificación que había un error en los movimientos y que tenía que depositar el 50% para autentificar mi cuenta, todo fue fraude ya que comprendi que nunca me dejarían sacar mi dinero, todo mediante el apoyo de una persona Coreana que se hacía pasar por un amigo para ayudarme a invertir, y resultó que lo perdí todo.



NOVEMBER 3, 2022 AT 2:33 PM

The website is a SCAM. DO NOT INVEST ANY MONEY HERE. everyone trying to get you to invest on this site or in a crypto currency called SSNB is a scammer. You will lose your money!



NOVEMBER 2, 2022 AT 12:54 AM


Was lured with high returns on short-term trading. I received a rate of return of 100% over 1 week of trading. I also made several smaller withdrawals from SafePal back into my bank account with no problem.

Both the Uncle who supposably was a high profile investor by the name of Albert Lin (William). I looked him up and he certainly appeared to be a legitimate and astute investor and investment advisor. So both (William) and the woman who claimed her name is Yaman Hayashi introduced me to bitcoin and the potential for profits. It should be noted that they kept asking for me to access my 401K and other retirement accounts.

Now that they have won some trust with me, I received a large inheritance from my father’s estate. To that I added a small liquidation of a IRA account. The total investment was $104,000. Unfortunately I was foolish and did not hold back at least 50% of the value of the inheritance.

I started doing short-term trading using these funds where I was making about 2 trades a day, the value of my account grew from $104,000 to $233,100 over the course of a week. It should be noted that “Alfred Lin William” guided me in EVERY trade, certainly this person shares some responsibility.

After this huge increase, “Alfred” recommended that there would be no trades for another week or more, and further recommended that I withdraw ALL funds from my account. While I considered that to be excessive, I agreed to do this.

Even at this stage Alfred guided me in withdrawing these funds into my wallet on Coinbase. That original transfer appeared to be completed as the other smaller transfers had gone through. It was late in the evening, so I went to bed, expecting to see $233,100 in my Coinbase account.

When I awoke and checked Coinbase, no transfer had taken place. So I went back to SafePal to see what was wrong. There was no customer service phone number, the only way to communicate with them was by a “Chat” function.

The chat informed me that they saw some “irregularities” in my account that they deemed to be “security risk” and as a result SafePal imposed a LOCK ON MY ACCOUNT THAT COULD ONLY BE RELEASED WHEN I PAY A SECURITY DEPOSIT WORTH 50% OF THE VALUE OF THE ACCOUNT, WHICH WAS ABOUT $117,000.

I was originally given a deadline of 3 DAYS to pay the sum of $117,000, but “Alfred” contacted SafePal and was able to gain a few days extension on the deadline, and even reduce the immediate amount needed to 50% of the 50% account. But that still needed to be paid “in 3 business days”. After payment of this $56,000, they would extend the deadline for 30 days to receive the balance of $56,000.

I tried my best to raise the $56,000, but was unable to meet this very short deadline. So SafePal says they will impose a “Permanent lock” on my account, INCLUDING MY INITIAL INVESTMENT OF $104,000!! Over the course of the short period to make the $56,000 deposit requirement. I asked repeatably that I would forego all increases in value, I PLEADED FOR THEM TO JUST REFUND MY ORIGINAL INVESTMENT OF $104,000. These pleas were ALL IGNORED, even when I pointed out that as a FIDUCIARY, THEY HAVE AN OBLIGATION TO REFUND MY ORIGINAL DEPOSIT.

I have 1 DAY to come up with the 50% of 50% deposit, but right now see no way that I could raise this amount of money.



NOVEMBER 3, 2022 AT 10:29 PM

Buddy you have been scammed notify your countries cyber fraud team immediately



NOVEMBER 18, 2022 AT 4:20 AM

are u kidding me> they gona take that 56k and still block u out. cut urr losses



OCTOBER 31, 2022 AT 9:20 AM

I would not allow anyone to have my same experience. If you had intention of investing on this platform, keep off from it because they will rip off your money without refunds. I was lured by a lady on social media to invest on this platform which I did as was instructed and I invested over 250,000$. My profit was growing and when I wanted to withdraw, I was denied access to it and was asked to pay 30% tax which I did but to no avail.



NOVEMBER 1, 2022 AT 10:43 AM

what platform was it?



OCTOBER 28, 2022 AT 10:24 PM

Hello i was scammed by dantainvest “” the company goes about luring people that they are into AGRICULTURE, REAL ESTATE, OIL MINING , AND FOREX TRADE but it’s all a lie as a matter of fact its a ponzi scheme where you are told to invest certain amount of money and after 5 days of maturity you are told that you can withdraw upon trying to withdraw you are told to invest more first for you to be able to make your first attempt withdrawal PYRAMID SCHEME in vain of investment SCAM ! SCAM! SCAM



OCTOBER 27, 2022 AT 10:11 PM

I have been scam with 40,950 usdt by this company call INDEXFUNDLTD.COM it’s a scam. Stay off it. Can anyone tell me if there is a company that could recover my funds?



OCTOBER 27, 2022 AT 7:17 AM

qxdefi is a scam lost 7000 usdt. dont trust the site



NOVEMBER 10, 2022 AT 1:54 PM

Hi Abou,

How were u scammed by this website if i may ask?

I have linked my USDT (ERC20) wallet from TrustWallet to this website. I’m able to actually receive the profit to my own wallet and am able to withdraw from my TrustWallet. So far it doesn’t seem like a scam. I’m very curious to hear how you get scammed before i lose money.

I currently have like 1000 dollars in my TrustWallet which is linked to

To be clear, right now I’m actually able to withdraw my profits.

I’m eager to hear from you!



OCTOBER 25, 2022 AT 9:24 PM

mis USDT se han congelado en RSNCOIN. Es posible recuperarlos?



OCTOBER 27, 2022 AT 6:43 PM

I would not allow anyone to have my same experience. If you had intention of investing on this platform, keep off from it because they will rip off your money without refunds. I was lured by a lady on social media to invest on this platform which I did as was instructed and I invested over 250,000$.



OCTOBER 23, 2022 AT 1:43 PM

Hello jimmy, then you probably know Anthony Smith who was behind Abbott-financial, now closed, and Abot-smartcontract, now suspended. He is a smart ass, scamming you out of your last dollar. He did one mistake, though, in the beginning, when l could not send Btc he gave me a bank address, Pinnacle Bank in Orange City, Florida, belonging to a Marla Kay Bertrand, who l believe is his wife or accomplice. I have reported this to police in Orange city and to many others. Smith appears elsewhere with other names, in telegram as mr André, in Russian websites as Lucas Scott. He publishes pictures of “himself” which are in reality pictures of a priest, pastor Richard Withcomb in Ghana.



OCTOBER 21, 2022 AT 11:46 PM

I have been scammed a lot of times the last 6 months.

Both of private person that I thought I trust and scamming companies. And fake hackers that says they will recover your scammed money. They take everything from $100-$200 for the job. They always says they got the scammers money but have always different reason why they can send me the money.

Like my bitcoin wallet are to weak to receive the money, the need more tools or other things to get the Money. And that’s going on until you don’t have any money left. I have make a list of all scammers, profiles, cellphones, WhatsApp, Btc adress. Screenshot of the payment etc.



OCTOBER 22, 2022 AT 9:31 PM

Hi Jimmy Holm,

how do i get this list and how much do you want to send it????




NOVEMBER 8, 2022 AT 2:19 PM

They manipulated and tricked me out of my entire investment, I feel sad but I got back my capital.. if you are an actual user of this scam company, i can only further advise you to write me on telegram, my id saren55



NOVEMBER 11, 2022 AT 1:53 PM

son contento che tu sia riuscito a recuperare quanto perso

vorrei tanto n consiglio a riguardo

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