Bitcoin Prime Scam: Review

December 10, 2022

The Bitcoin Prime platform provides investors with access to an intuitive auto-trading system that enables them to trade cryptocurrencies and generate possible passive income in the process.

How Bitcoin Prime Scam Operates

If you trade or invest in cryptocurrencies, beware of the Bitcoin Prime fraud. This programme promises high returns on your money. The Bitcoin scams ocean includes platforms like Bitcoin Wealth and Bitcoin Bank. Let’s start now.

Bitcoin Prime Scam

A fake auto-trading robot is Bitcoin Prime. Numerous customers complained that the money they deposited disappeared within a short period of time. Please feel free to remark at the bottom of the article if you have had similar experiences. Other forms of bitcoin fraud, like the Yuan Pay Group scam, are also something you can find.

Bitcoin Prime Algorithm Fraud

The Bitcoin Prime fraud is an automated trading robot that employs dubious algorithms and shady brokers, as was previously mentioned. The “business” connives to get people to deposit money, then steals it.

Just a few months ago, the domain name was registered. There is no means to get in touch with the business, as you can see if you visit the website. You are sent to the home page after clicking the Contact or Privacy Policy buttons.

It is rigged to use the Bitcoin Prime algorithm. Victims’ major gripe is that the platform makes the traders win the first few deals, but as soon as they get comfortable, it starts to lose money. The software automatically places transactions, although they are not precise.

Images Are Stock.

How else might the Bitcoin Prime scam be exposed? Stock photographs were used for the website’s images. Let’s look at the fictitious Steve McKay who claims to be the founder of Bitcoin Prime.

Bitcoin Cash

By claiming to be “the Trading Guru Behind the Bitcoin Prime Robot,” the thieves constructed this fictitious persona. In fact, he says in his self-introduction, “I am a former Wall Street trader with ten years of experience trading for the big bank.”

Well, the image of him (above) was just obtained from the website for the Adobe stock video. More pictures featuring that model that are available for purchase can be found here.

How To Spot A Scam With Bitcoin Prime

The future is already predetermined because the Bitcoin Prim software is fully automated. Numerous bogus, comparable platforms have the same problem. To boost your confidence, they force you to win the first few trades. They then pester you until you make another deposit. After that, you will undoubtedly lose everything. 101 in bait and switch.

Use reputable cryptocurrency websites like Binance or Coinbase instead of avoiding them at all costs.

The Best Way To Report A Scammer With Bitcoin

Share this information on social media to alert your online friends and family to the Bitcoin Prime Scam. Using this URL, you can formally report thieves, con artists, and any other questionable activity to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

Report Here To The FTC

How to better protect yourself

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However, you can educate yourself about other crypto fraud-related articles that are located immediately below this one so that you are aware of how to stay safe online. Please feel free to expose additional Bitcoin scammers in the comments section below.

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