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November 23, 2022

Yes, polo shirts are unisex, and they are often worn by everybody. But there are some variations between the polo shirts made for males and people made for girls, and you will need to pay attention to them.

Are Polo Shirts Unisex

Polo shirts are nice. I do know I’ve already raved about them quite a bit, however guess what, there are nonetheless loads of unanswered questions on them.

One of the largest issues that stops each women and men from carrying a polo shirt is that they correlate it with the opposite gender, and this makes them uncomfortable in carrying this wonderful garment.

So how a lot reality is there to those beliefs?

That’s the query that I might be analyzing on this article, and I may even be overlaying the variations between polo shirts made for males and polo shirts made for girls.

Is Polo Shirt Sizing Unisex?

Polo shirts are unisex, which signifies that they are often worn by everybody. However, their sizing just isn’t unisex, and you would need to dimension up or down relying in your gender with a view to get the right match.

This doesn’t matter a lot in case you are a girl who’s shopping for from the ladies’s part (or a person shopping for from the lads’s part), as a result of the sizing goes to be anticipated and uniform.

But in case you are shopping for a polo shirt that’s initially meant for the opposite gender, you would want to dimension up or dimension down.

This is as a result of an S in males’s clothes isn’t equal to an S in girls’s clothes.

Depending on the fabric of the polo shirt, it might even be susceptible to shrinkage. So that’s one thing you want to bear in mind.

Also, I’d advocate you to pay shut consideration to the product dimension chart, as a result of generally polos from large manufacturers can run small or giant.

Difference Between Male And Female Polo Shirts

Men’s Polo Shirts Women’s Polo Shirts
Thicker materials are used. The material used is sort of skinny.
Not Flared. Flared to accommodate wider hips.
Generally bigger dimension. Generally smaller dimension.
Chest pockets are current. No chest pockets.
Large collars. Narrow and female collars.
Longer in size. Shorter in size.

While the general design of female and male polo shirts is similar, there are a couple of key variations because of the distinctive bodily traits of each these genders.

For instance, the underside of ladies’s polo shirts is often flared out and shorter in size. This is finished in order that the shirt can accommodate and intensify the physique of the wearer.

Besides, there are additionally a couple of apparent variations. The sizing of males’s polos runs a lot bigger than the equal sizing of ladies’s polos. Therefore, should you put on an S within the males’s class, you can’t assume that an S from the ladies’s class goes to fit your needs.

How to know if a Polo is for Men?

The quickest method to know if a polo shirt is for males is to try the underside portion of the shirt. If it flares outwards, then the polo is for girls, in any other case, it’s meant to be worn by males.

Another fast approach is to see whether or not there’s the presence of a chest pocket on the polo or not. The presence of a pocket signifies that the polo shirt is supposed for males.

Can A Man Wear A Woman’s Polo?

A person can put on a polo shirt initially made for girls, offered that the shirt suits him nicely.

There is actually no different purpose that ought to cease you from doing so. Especially should you tuck in your polo shirts, I don’t assume that anyone would be capable to inform in case you are carrying a girls’s polo shirt.

A tip that I’d offer you can be sizing up.

In my expertise, should you put on an M in males’s polos, you will be needing to go for a minimum of an XL in girls’s clothes.

Can a Woman Wear a Man’s Polo?

A lady can even put on a person’s polo shirt, if she is happy with the match of the garment.

Again, there isn’t a disgrace in going for clothes that isn’t made to your gender. If the piece satisfies you, simply go for it.

Another advantage of procuring from the lads’s part is that they often have a a lot wider number of polo shirts, so there’s much more probability of encountering one thing that you simply love.

Final Remarks

In this text, I answered the query of the unisex nature of polo shirts. While the polo shirts made for women and men are largely the identical, there are a couple of key variations that one wants to pay attention to.

Here’s a fast recap.

Polo shirts are unisex within the sense that each women and men can put on them, however their sizing just isn’t unisex. Therefore, you will must pay shut consideration to the dimensions chart earlier than making a purchase order.

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