Fun N Food Village: The Ultimate Destination for Thrill-Seekers and Foodies Alike

May 10, 2023

Delhi is not just the nation’s capital, but it is also a wonderful place to visit. The city is covered in cultural beauty and is home to fantastic amusement parks and entertaining locations.

One of Delhi’s earliest entertainment and water parks is Fun N Food Village. Fun N Food, which is located on the former Delhi–Gurgaon route, continues to be a popular destination for both residents and visitors.

Delhi’s Fun N Food Village’s architecture

The Fun N Food Village is split into two distinct areas, which are very different from one another since one area is the Fun N Food Village water park while the other is the Fun N Food Village amusement park. Its specially created food court for kids makes it even more unique.

Fun N Food Village’s past

One of India’s past presidents, the Late Shri Giani Zail Singh, opened the Fun N Food Village in Gurgaon in 1993. There are several different water slides, rides, games, and delicious cuisine at this entertainment park. It is appropriate for persons of all ages. Polo Amusement Park Ltd., a prominent branch of the polo group of industries, manages and maintains this park.

Activities at Delhi’s Fun N Food Village

  1. The theme park has more than 21 rides. These rides include Rock ‘n’ Roll, the Polo Trooper, Tora Tora, Water Merry, the Magic Carpet, and many others. Having fun is possible with family or friends. Perceive the adventure fully. And for your convenience, everything is in one place.
  2. There are over 22 water slides in the Village. You received a wonderful deal whether you enjoy taking rides on the water or simply playing in the water. One of the finest seasons of the entire year to take advantage of Fun N Food’s benefits is the summer. Officials ensure that these water slides are kid-friendly and further categorize them based on age groupings.
  3. There are many kid-specific rides in the amusement park. The magic carpet is one of the most well-liked rides, and youngsters appear to particularly like it. Give your children a heartwarming experience and an enjoyable time.
  4. In the snow park, you may build a snowman or throw snowballs. The biggest Indian snow park is located at Fun N Food. Who wouldn’t enjoy a snow park in the heart of a city known for its summertime heat? Why deny yourself pleasure? Let the good times rule.
  5. Children like rain dances, and couples find it to be quite romantic. A terrific time to engage in it and saturate your summer spirit is during the summer. Take your family or your significant other on a memorable trip.
  6. The park’s kid-friendly dedicated water play area is its biggest feature. Simply leave the children here while you take an essential vacation from the routine of daily life.
  7. The water park is particularly well-known for its almost 400-foot-long “Lazy River,” which is the lengthiest water stream there. One of Fun N Food’s attractions that get the most attention is this channel.
  8. Would you want to try out the longest and fastest water slide in Asia? Fun N Food is where you want to go. No other theme park had ever surpassed it since its creation.
  9. You go to Fun n Food Village if you’re hoping to be revitalized. You may unwind there with facilities including a sauna, spa, steam room, and herbal massages. You require plenty of leisure in today’s quick-paced world to resume the boring cycle.
  10. The food court offers a wide variety of cuisine choices. Indians, Chinese, and Continentals, to mention a few, are in huge demand.

You may choose from a variety of options if you want a day detached from the chaos of the city.

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