Why Face And Body Massage Is Essential to Your Health

December 15, 2022

Did you consider the face of your body is comprised of a total of 42 muscles? Like the other parts in your physique, if the muscles aren’t exercising regularly, they’ll weaken. As time passes, this could affect the appearance of your facial features, the shape of your jawline, and, of course, influence your appearance as wrinkled skin is deficient in color and tone, and could cause look older than you actually are.

The ancient technique of facial massage

Massage for the face is a practice that is a century old and is rooted to China, Mexico, France and Sweden and each country having a hand in creating what we consider to be the modern-day facial and body massage. If you look through the Instagram feeds of any best beauty or makeup artist will reveal skilled hands quickly moving, pinching tapping, flicking and pumping your skin, while providing a facial or thai massage. The users, from celebrities on the A list to the more common people, are raving about the plumped-up look and the significant lift that a good facial can give your skin, while – equally important it will improve blood circulation and improve overall well-being.

You will feel more confident and look younger.

Facial massages are an effective treatment that is non-invasive that is suitable for all skin types. A regular visit to our highly trained beauticians, who specialize in facials with Elemis, can help you with any skin problems and make you feel good about your appearance. Why not challenge the sands of age by using scientifically proven anti-wrinkle radiant and resurfacing facials to get immediate results? Perhaps you can consider skin specific and booster facials designed for the most common skin issues like breakouts, stress and sensitive skin?

What are the advantages of an expert facial massage?

The main target of every facial massage are the lymph nodes which are situated beneath the ear and along the neck. If these areas are blocked, the lymphatic drainage can become slow, and is believed to cause dark, puffy skin. Massages that are forceful help rid the skin of oils, toxins and dirt, which if left neglected can cause the appearance of a grey and flat appearance of the skin.

Massages for the face aren’t painfulor uncomfortable, but with more modern methods of beauty such as microdermabrasion and dermaplaning readily available, as well as an abundance of information about the subject, people want results that are immediate and results which last. The primary benefits of facial massage are:

  • Completely decongestion of the skin, creating a ‘glow’ sensation
  • Skin feels smoother and smoother. It appears to have added texture
  • The tone and colour of the skin is more vibrant and has a brighter and clearer complexion.

Reduced fine lines and wrinkles

The focus is on the glowing
The process in manipulating or massaging skin triggers increased blood flow towards the affected region for about 10 minutes following treatment.

The increased flow of blood to the skin also means that more energy and oxygen is created along with increased nutrients, including collagen. It’s healthy for you.. Many beauty professionals and industry insiders discuss “glow” which is a difficult to quantify because it varies depending on the individual and has become an integral component in professional facial massage.

We also have a tendency to spend our time staring at screens, or clenching the jaws with tension. Professional massages does more than just ease tension-related knots however, it also increases on the overall firmness and elasticity of your skin.

You will also be able to enjoy that sought-after radiant, healthy glow that will last for a long time after treatment.

Body massage can have significant long-term health benefits as well.

The neck, back and chest are the most neglected areas of personal care for your skin. A full or partial body or thai massage that improves the flow of blood and degrading toxins will not only result in elastic, well-hydrated and glowing skin, it also implies that your internal organs will function better. There will be less pain and swelling in joints and will have plenty of energy, as well as improved posture throughout your body. Regular massage improves the respiratory function and general breathing, and aids in getting to sleep better.

Get a body or facial massage now to get instant results

What are you wasting time for? There’s nothing that says “me time” more than a relaxing spa treatment which is why there’s no better option to pamper yourself than to enjoy a relaxing facial or body massage from Bonnie Quines. Make an appointment on the internet now and lock in your private slice of heaven!

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