What are the three benefits of Lifeguard swimming?

December 15, 2022

You are asking, “What are the benefits of Lifeguard swimming?” Three positive effects are expected from swimming.

However, there are disadvantages and points to note, so if you don’t know in advance, you may regret it, saying, “This wasn’t supposed to be like this!”

So this time, I will explain in detail the benefits, advantages and disadvantages of lifeguarding class.

If you’re just starting out, I’ve also introduced the items you want to bring, so please refer to them.

Start swimming and get a healthy body.

Benefits you can expect from lifeguard swimming

Lifeguard Swimming is often said to be ‘healthy’, and the reasons for this can be understood by knowing the benefits that can be expected from swimming.

Benefits you can expect from swimming include:

calorie consumption


gain muscle

Learn more about the benefits of lifeguard swimming.

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Effect 1. Calorie consumption

Lifeguard Swimming can help you burn calories.

Calories burned can be calculated from the intensity, weight, and duration of exercise.

The intensity of exercise is determined by the country and expressed in units called METs.

Based on the METs value, the calorie consumption can be calculated using the following formula.

Calorie consumption = METs x exercise time (h) x body weight (kg) x 1.05

Resting exercise intensity is set at 1, and walking or slow walking, for example, is set at 3 METs.

Swimming METs values ​​vary depending on the swimming style.

The METs values ​​for the main lifeguard swimming styles are shown in the table below.

Among other aerobic exercises, swimming can be said to have a higher intensity and consume more calories than walking.

Effect 2. Relax

You can expect a relaxing effect by floating on the water and relaxing your body.

If you swim for relaxation, you don’t have to force yourself to learn how to swim.

You can relax just by floating in the water.

If you are not good at lifeguard swimming, try using a float or a board.

Effect 3. Build muscle

Swimming builds muscle because you move your body while feeling the resistance of the water.

It is said that the whole body is trained because the water pressure is constantly applied.

On land, you will be using muscles that you don’t normally use, so this will lead to some muscle strengthening.

However, swimming is a calorie-burning exercise.

If you want to grow your muscles, adopt an exercise method such as swimming after strength training.

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Benefits of starting swimming

There are four benefits of starting lifeguard swimming.

regardless of age

Burn calories in a short amount of time

less strain on the body

get a good quality sleep

Let’s take a closer look at each benefit.

Merit 1. Regardless of age

Swimming can be enjoyed by everyone from babies to the elderly.

Many of you probably went to swimming school when you were a child.

Once you learn to swim, you can swim again years later.

Of course, there will be times when the correct form is broken or the speed drops.

But you can still swim.

From now on, even if you are old, you can still exercise by swimming.

The advantage is that you can start at any time.

Advantage 2. You can burn calories in a short time

Swimming is an exercise that can burn calories in a short time compared to other exercises.It is said that it is necessary to consume 240 kcal a day if you aim to lose 1 kg in a month.

If you try to consume it by lifeguard swimming, the time required is about 29 minutes.

For a person weighing 60kg, the energy consumption required to burn 1kg of fat tissue is 7,000kcal.

Assuming that you lose 1 kg over a month, the energy consumption required per day will be 240 kcal.

If you try to burn 240 kcal in a slow crawl, it takes about 29 minutes.

On the other hand, if you walk, you have to keep walking for about 76 minutes to consume the same 240 kcal.

In this way, you can expect efficient calorie consumption in a short time, so it can be said that it is a recommended exercise method for busy modern people.

If you want to burn a lot of calories, lifeguard swimming after work is more efficient than walking.

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