What are the benefits of water aerobics and who is it recommended for?

December 15, 2022

Water gymnastics has very ancient origins: historical sources attest that the ancient Greeks, Romans and even the Egyptians practiced physical activity in the sea or in the tanks they used as Lifeguard recertification swimming pools. Today we know this discipline as water aerobics, which became part of water sports in the 80s, thanks to the actress Eleonora Vallone who, following an accident, began to practice physical movement in the water to rehabilitate. In fact, she was the pioneer of this sport, patented as , which spread internationally, to the point of being consecrated even by Jane Fonda.
It is a very widespread sport and is practiced in almost all sports pools and also at the sea: let’s see together what  consists of, who it is recommended for and what benefits it generates.


Lifeguard is the transposition into water of exercises normally performed in the gym, which use many schemes and involve the mobility of the whole body.

The practice can be carried out freely or with tools , such as rubber tubes, hand paddles, weights for arms and legs, hoops and mats.

The lesson normally takes place in a group, immersed in the pool, with the water reaching approximately between the navel and the chest: it is not necessary to know how to swim, but it is recommended to have good aquatic skills to feel at ease and perform the tasks at best. exercises. A specialized instructor guides the movements on the edge of the pool.

The optimal water temperature for water aerobics is 27°C, because at this threshold you feel a pleasant sensation when diving, and at the same time the body does not overheat.

Who is this sport recommended for and what benefits does it bring ? Let’s see it together.


In water, the weight of the body is reduced by up to 90% and this allows you to carry out sporting activities with a completely different approach: the movements are easier to perform, the effort is more sustainable and the joints are not excessively stressed.

Precisely for this reason, water aerobics is a sport suitable for everyone , regardless of age, and brings significant benefits both physically and mentally.

Tone muscles and improve posture

During an aquagym lesson all the muscles work , which are thus toned. This allows for a harmonious and organic development of the body: the muscles that are strengthened better support the bone structure, generally leading to an improvement in movement and posture .

Helps burn calories

The water opposes resistance to the moving body, and this friction allows you to work very intensely: water aerobics increases heart rate and burns many calories, so it is also recommended for those who need to lose weight.

Activate blood circulation

The friction of the water also allows for a continuous massage which stimulates blood circulation: in this way water retention is fought and vascular problems are prevented and limited, if already present.

Loosens the joints and fights osteoarthritis

Since the weight of the body decreases in the water, the joints are not overloaded: this allows the knees, ankles, shoulders and pelvis area to move and loosen up in particular. Water aerobics is in fact recommended to prevent and combat arthrosis, a disease caused by the loss of elasticity in the joints.

Gives well-being in pregnancy

During pregnancy, a woman’s body gains weight quickly and this can cause widespread pain, especially in the joints and back. Precisely because body weight is reduced in water, water aerobics is particularly suitable for expectant mothers : the movements do not burden the spine or muscles, and you can do good physical exercise without tiring yourself too much.

Helps with back pain

Also thanks to the reduction of body weight, water aerobics is recommended in case of back pain or problems, because it does not overload this area of ​​the body and allows you to strengthen the muscles without subjecting yourself to excessive efforts.

Promotes relaxation

Playing sports immersed in water allows the body temperature not to rise too much and the muscles to move fluidly: at the end of the lesson you will feel a pleasant feeling of relaxation .


As in all sports, it is important to exercise frequently and consistently to maintain results over time: the advice is to practice water aerobics 2 or 3 times a week for at least six months. As far as muscle toning and body strengthening are concerned, the results of water aerobics are visible after just one month .

In particular, you will notice improvements in these areas:

  • silhouette improvement and toning of arms, abs, buttocks and thighs
  • improvement of blood circulation
  • increased respiratory resistance
  • muscle strengthening
  • decrease in body pain, both muscle and bone and joint.

As we have seen, water aerobics can prove to be a suitable choice both for keeping fit and for improving physical problems of various kinds. Its benefits can increase if accompanied by a healthy lifestyle, with a balanced diet , constant physical movement and periodic check-ups to evaluate our state of health. Especially when you decide to play sports on an ongoing basis, it is important to know how to behave in the event of injuries, even minor ones, which may require physiotherapy. Precisely for this reason it can be useful to take out an insurance policy, such as Physiotherapyof Unisa lute, which allows you to take advantage of the services of specialists at advantageous prices. If you do sports, have you ever considered this opportunity?

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