Types of Queen Mattresses

March 14, 2023

Here are some of the best types of queen mattresses available in the market. 


This is a traditional type of mattress that consists of steel coils as the support system.

The coils provide a bouncy feel and the level of firmness can vary based on the number and type of coils used.

An innerspring mattress may also have a comfort layer on top, made of materials such as foam or fiberfill.

Pros: Affordable, widely available, and good for those who like a bouncy feel.

Cons: Limited conformance, may not provide enough support for those with back pain.

Memory foam:

Memory foam is a type of polyurethane foam that moulds to the shape of your body.

This material is often used in the comfort layer of the mattress, providing pressure relief and support.

Pros: Good for those with pain, especially in pressure points like hips and shoulders. Reduces motion transfer.

Cons: May retain heat, slow to respond to changes in position.


A hybrid queen size mattress combines the support of an innerspring with the comfort of memory foam or other foam materials.

This type of mattress aims to provide the best of both worlds, combining the bounce of innerspring coils with the pressure relief of foam.

Pros: Offers a balanced feel with both support and comfort.

Cons: May be more expensive than innerspring or foam-only options.


Latex is a natural or synthetic foam that provides a supportive and bouncy feel.

Latex can be used as the support layer in a mattress or as a comfort layer.

Pros: latex queen-size mattresses are durable, bouncy, hypoallergenic.

Cons: May be expensive, and may have a distinctive smell.

Adjustable air:

Adjustable air mattresses have air-filled chambers that can be adjusted to personal comfort.

Some models allow you to control the firmness of the mattress by inflating or deflating the air chambers.

Pros: Can be adjusted to personal preference, good for those with changing needs (e.g. during pregnancy).

Cons: May be noisy, and may lose air pressure over time.


A waterbed is a type of mattress that’s filled with water, providing a floating sensation.

Some models have a solid foam perimeter for added stability, while others are fully filled with water.

Pros: Good for those with pain, especially in pressure points.

Cons: May be heavy and difficult to move, and may develop leaks over time.

It is important to keep in mind that different types of mattresses will suit different people and preferences. When choosing the right queen mattress, consider factors such as firmness preference, sleeping position, and any health conditions that may affect comfort. 

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Offset mattresses came about as an improved version of the Bonnell mattress and feature cylindrical coils which hold up more sustainably than their hourglass-shaped predecessors. The drawback to this option is that, in most cases, it is the most expensive spring mattress available.


  • Offer individualized coil support
  • More durable than Bonnell spring mattresses


  • Generally the most expensive type of spring mattress
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