The Top 15 Animated Video Production Companies!

February 2, 2023

Businesses are booming with videos. There’s video production everywhere. In fact, entrepreneurs are even pumping more money into 3D animation services.

They’re reaching out to top-notch 3D animation companies to launch video campaigns that are compelling and carry an original narrative of their brands.

So, if you’re starting out and are obsessed with animations, but are unsure of what’s the best way to launch a video campaign, then this read is for you.

Keep reading to find out the best-animated video production companies.


BuzzFlick tops our list as they’ve been the fastest-growing animation company in the region. They’ve bagged some of the top clients, particularly Fortune 500 brands.

More importantly, they have a strong command over a variety of video production services including corporate videos, explainers, 2D animation, motion graphics, and much more.

They have got the best artists who are ever-ready to unleash their creativity and spark animations that can bring abstract art to life in the most heartwarming fashion.


They create 2D and motion graphics, especially for the tech industry. They’re also one of the youngest companies in the market and probably the best in Europe.

Yum Yum Videos

Yum Yum is known for their versatile branding strategies. Along with video animation production, they also provide integrated video marketing tactics. You can demand full customization, and expect an amazing quality product.

Yum Yum videos have served some big-shot clients in the industry including Walmart, American Express, and RedBull.

Motion Story

As the name implies, these guys are maestros of motion graphics.

With a spark for generating creative ideas, they’ve helped brands create true-to-life animations and tell inspiring stories while remaining true to the brand’s identity.

Epipheo Studios

A team of highly skilled and creative animators and marketers built the Epipheo.

They are also one of the oldest agencies in the world. They also have the honor of being the pioneers in the animation industry, particularly for video production in the explainer category.

Demo Duck

The folks at Demo Duck specialize in 2D animation and motion graphics. Though they can handle a wide variety of styles, they’re known for the above two categories. They’ve pulled off some fine projects with their creative work.

To them, the script is probably an integral part of everything that happens in the production process. They’re always looking for inspiration and love to keep their creative juice flowing with animated videos and some fun art.


Their services are a perfect alternative to live-action clips. But, know that only work for a select few companies in a year. So, you need to approach tquicklyuick. Plus, your project should have enough charm to convince them to take it up.

Dinos and Teacups

They’re a one-person agency with the founder looking after all the production process. Emphasis is on quality and strong brand identity. They are partners with organizations that stand for veganism and ecology preservation.


Vidico’s team has a variety of video styles to offer to clients. They work with brands in the tech industry. They have done several commercials and explainers for clients in the industry.

Switch Video

They’re a deadline-oriented team. Having made a name in the space of whiteboard animations, they’ve landed numerous profitable clients in no time.


Creatives at Thinkmojo take inspiration when doing personalized work. From explainers to video ads, from product videos to 2D animations, they can do it all.

They’re also known for powering up startups with ecstatic and true-to-life animations that have left viewers in awe.


They’re known for producing amazing videos at an affordable cost.

They’re known for making corporate videos and helping brands in tech and business scale up in no time. They’ve also worked on music animation videos and much more.


They take inspiration in telling amazing stories. Stories are everything to them as they believe that stories allow them to paint a different and more beautiful world, that allows brands to interact with people on a more personal level.

Since that’s profitable and has the potential for a success in the longer run, Explainify works on projects with stories.


They want to offer simplified solutions to businesses. They can help you improve your digital presence and build a loyal audience with video content.

Yans Media

With a keen eye for branding and sales, the Yans Media group has an excellent team with probably the most talented artists.

Studio Ianus

No team can match their quality with motion graphics. They don’t want to focus on the ordinary. They’re a Milan-based video production company.

Bottom line

To wrap up, we would say that the trend of video animations has taken the advertising world by storm.

While we see several hundred nosediving into the ocean of freelancing, there are 15 top animation studios that are having a mark with their presence. If you’re looking for an animation service, then you better check out the list.

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