Pig Butchering Scam: What You Need To Know

November 26, 2022

Many people have lost a lot of money after being duped into participating in fraudulent online investment schemes by seemingly attractive strangers who start conversations with them online.

Pig Butchering

Pig Butchering Scam: Overview

Pig butchering is a sophisticated internet scam that makes use of deceptive cryptocurrency transactions and social engineering. The victim is first made fat through a fictitious romantic relationship before being slaughtered using false investment advice, hence the name of the scam.

The criminals are renowned for their patience as they gradually gain the victim’s trust before persuading them to make larger and larger investments. When the victim deposits money, they are deceived into thinking they are earning money.

What Happens When You Butcher a Pig?

  • Butchering pigs is a sophisticated scam that has numerous iterations. Though the exact processes vary, the following is usually how it happens:
  • Social media, chat applications, and dating websites are originally used to contact scam victims. Always a gorgeous person of the opposite sex, the offender. The data and images used are wholly false.
  • Normal talks without any mention of an investment opportunity often make up the first few exchanges. The offender is working on gaining your trust and/or attracting your attention during this time. The ability of the scammer to accomplish these objectives will largely determine how well the scam works.
  • The topic of investing in cryptocurrencies comes up occasionally. The offender will make a successful trader claim and discuss recent profits. They’ll probably exchange screenshots. Then they will casually propose to instruct the victim in the same method of earning money.
  • If the victim chooses to invest, they will be instructed to open an account and make a small deposit on a certain cryptocurrency exchange. After that, the victim will be able to see how their initial investment has grown.
  • Given that the exchange being used is fake, this is simple for the offender to accomplish. Although the fake exchanges are created to look extremely realistic, there are no profits made.
  • The victim is now persuaded to make a larger investment. The victim is frequently persuaded to invest larger sums of money because of the emotional relationship and proof of prior profits.
  • The victim is frequently permitted to withdraw modest sums during the swindle. This serves as evidence that the exchange and transactions are legal. Usually, the victim is unaware of the theft until they try to withdraw more money.

What to look out for

#1. Someone you don’t know sends you a random text or email and starts a lot of conversations.

When they encourage talk in any setting, scammers achieve a small victory. This is an established trick. People prefer consistency, so it will be more difficult to quit once you respond. There will be frequent communication, which may initially focus on mundane matters like what you’re doing, what you’re eating, or other trivial pursuits. It has been discovered that frequent communication increases emotional involvement.

#2. The person you’re speaking with won’t pick up the phone.

Scammers will steer clear of phone and video calls. They might manufacture pardons for not having any desire to video call, for example, their cherished one dying while at the same time driving and video calling somebody, or they might guarantee their English isn’t adequate. Or they can simply disregard your request by diverting your attention to questions about unrelated topics.

#3. The conversation quickly shifts to an investment that is bringing in a lot of money for the person who is talking to you.

While discussing daily activities, the topic of the person’s huge gains from investing rapidly comes up. The scammer may also extol the virtues of multiple homes or other status symbols like expensive vacations, fine automobiles, or hired assistance like a personal assistant or chauffeur.

They may or may not claim to have access to trade secrets that guarantee risk-free wins. They’ll ask to test financial planning also and may try and give free reenactments so you can comprehend how it works. The scammers may reassure you that you shouldn’t invest if you are anxious or that you should start small, but after you have invested a small sum that is likely to yield a profit, you will be more likely to engage further.

#4. Your attention is being drawn to the prize by the scammers

This is a common scam tactic: telling potential victims what they could do with the riches and how they could enhance their lives. Additionally, if you invest a modest sum out of fear of the potential loss, the scammer may draw your attention to how the gain may have been greater had you put in a larger sum at first. The way this tactic operates is by instilling greed and desensitising the intended victim to investing sums they are uncomfortable losing.

How To Be More Protective

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