Five Indications That You’re Dealing With Loan Sharks

February 22, 2023

When you feel trapped and have nowhere to turn, smiling faces offering loans with “immediate approvals,” “no job or income criteria,” and “no credit check” appear.

It’s tempting to give in so that your issues disappear, at least momentarily, but this will only be a false sense of security. Financial frauds always come back with new twists, so becoming engaged with loan sharks is like selling your soul to the devil. Loan sharks have been preying on the financially desperate with easy access to money, demanding high-interest rates, and resorting to wicked measures to recover debt for as long as commerce has existed.

Though it’s illegal in many places, the practice persists unabated. Here are five terrifying reasons why you should run away screaming from them if you find yourself still considering giving them a try.

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Let’s keep going.

1 Interest Rates That Never Go Down

Working with loan sharks is risky because of the interest rates, which might be unpredictable or perpetually increasing.

Interest rates can reach 600% in some countries and jurisdictions and will accrue on unpaid balances indefinitely unless legislation is enacted to limit such charges.

Many borrowers turn to unlicensed lenders like payday lenders to pay off other, comparable debts, with some estimates putting that number as high as 76 per cent.

2. The fees and fines are quite steep.

Dealing with loan sharks comes with additional costs beyond only the interest rates. Lenders typically charge a variety of additional fees and penalties for a variety of offences.

Loan sharks and payday lenders are often just as sneaky as banks when it comes to the fine print. They can charge whatever they want with no fear of repercussions because they are not subject to any oversight or legislation.

3. The repayment terms are rather brief.

Loan sharks, in contrast to traditional financial institutions, do not have a stable cash flow from which to make long-term loans. As a result, the majority of the loans they issue are short-term and subject borrowers to further pressure.

The typical payback period for a payday loan is only two weeks, but if the borrower can’t repay the loan within that time frame, they can pay a fee to extend the loan for another two weeks. The costs are often rather high because it takes most borrowers up to a year to repay the loan.

4. Harsh Methods of Recovering Past-Due Debt

In the past, criminal syndicates were responsible for predatory lending and would employ violence and threats to collect loans.

Loan sharks are notorious for intimidating their victims in a variety of non-violent ways, such as showing up at your home or place of business at odd hours, contacting you at all hours of the night, and more.

With default rates among lenders reaching as high as 20% to 30%, it’s no surprise that they resort to extreme measures in order to get paid back.

5. Acceptable Substitutes

Borrowers in a developed financial system should not have to resort to loan sharks. There are many reputable, legal places to get a loan, as well as other options for financing, so why would anyone still choose a loan shark?

Because of their deceptive advertising, which typically features catchy phrases like “Quick Cash,” “Instant Loans,” and “Get A Loan In 5 Minutes – Guaranteed Approval!,” many people fall for these scams. A borrower should think about the consequences of getting caught.

These days, students are a prime target for the industry, often because of their naiveté and lack of life experience. The problem can only be fixed if reputable student lenders and financial organisations make more of an effort to spread their message.

Borrowers get stuck in never-ending cycles of debt between loan sharks and payday lenders.

Predatory lending gets its name because most victims have to keep making interest payments for a long time before they can finally get out from under their debt.

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