Do Polo Shirts Shrink? Find Out!

November 20, 2022

Most polo shirts are inclined to shrink when they’re washed or dried at excessive temperatures. They don’t stretch naturally over time.

Do Polo Shirts Shrink

Polo shirts are virtually a wardrobe important.

They are extraordinarily versatile, supremely elegant, and in the event that they match completely, they make you appear like Ryan Gosling.

But the query that I’ll be coping with immediately isn’t in regards to the aesthetical worth of polo shirts; it’s about one thing else.

Their measurement.

In this text, I can be going over the stretching and shrinking capabilities of polo shirts intimately, together with some further info that you simply may discover useful.

Do Polo Shirts Shrink In The Wash?

Polo shirts shrink when they’re washed utilizing scorching water. Putting them in a dryer may also result in shrinkage, particularly if the excessive warmth setting is used.

Most polo shirts are constructed from cotton or polyester-cotton blends. The presence of cotton in these shirts proves to be the rationale behind the discount in measurement over time.

See, cotton is a pure cloth. And one of many main downsides of utilizing pure materials is that they have a tendency to shrink fairly simply.

Manufacturers attempt to resolve this downside by including an artificial fiber like polyester to the combination, however that doesn’t do away with the shrinking, it simply lessens the probability of it taking place.

Therefore, if you wish to stop your polo shirts from shrinking, you must wash them in chilly water. Instead of utilizing the dryer, it is advisable air-dry your polos on a clothesline.

Also pay particular consideration to your black polo shirts, as a result of repeatedly washing them can result in color-fading.

How a lot do Polo Shirts Shrink?

Material of Polo Shirt Shrinkage (In %)
Cotton 10-15%
Pique 5-10%
Polyester 0%

Depending on the material used to make the shirt, a polo shirt can shrink as much as 15% of its unique measurement in a single wash.

While cotton has the very best shrinking proportion at 15%, pique (which is actually a novel weave of cotton) isn’t a lot behind with round 10% shrinkage.

True polyester shirts, that are usually used throughout exercises, don’t shrink in any respect because of the absence of cotton within the combine.

Do Pique Polo Shirts Shrink?

Pique polos additionally are inclined to shrink as a result of pique is actually a weave of cotton. It is the material that offers polo shirts their waffle-like sample.

And as a result of the primary ingredient in making pique polo shirts is actually cotton, they’ll additionally shrink if subjected to the excessive temperatures and agitation of a tumble-dryer.

How To Prevent A Polo Shirt From Shrinking?

The finest option to stop polo shirts from shrinking is to handle them correctly. This contains utilizing correct washing and drying strategies that don’t depend on warmth.
It is finest to hand-wash a polo, however I do know that it isn’t doable numerous the time. Therefore, you’ll be able to machine-wash it, however simply just remember to are utilizing chilly water. Not scorching water, not lukewarm water – chilly water.

Getting the drying course of proper is much more vital.

Instead of throwing your polo within the dryer, hold it up on a clothesline as an alternative. This will permit the shirt to naturally air-dry, and the shortage of warmth goes to forestall it from shrinking any additional.
Nail these two issues and it will be sufficient to forestall you from shrinking one other polo shirt once more.

How To Shrink A New Polo Shirt?

Sometimes, in a merciless coincidence, you may truly have to shrink your polo shirt. In order to try this, it is advisable go over the next steps:

Put your polo shirt within the washer, and choose the new water possibility.

Once the wash cycle ends, take it out and instantly put it within the dryer.
Select the very best warmth setting accessible on the dryer.

Dry your polo for 10-Quarter-hour. By the time it comes out, it ought to have shrunk by at the least 5-10% relying on the fabric of the shirt.

Repeat this course of as soon as once more if you wish to additional shrink your polo shirt.
Thus, to be able to shrink a polo, it is advisable do all the pieces that the care label advises you to not do. But bear in mind, you don’t have any management over how a lot the shirt truly finally ends up shrinking.

Therefore, I might recommend you think about getting your polo shirt tailor-made as an alternative. This gives you full management over the modifications you need in your garment.

Final Remarks

In this text, I attempted to cowl your complete subject of polo shirt shrinkage to one of the best of my talents. All you’ll be able to actually do to ensure they keep the identical measurement is use correct washing and cleansing strategies.

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