Beware of Dating Scams on Google Hangouts and Other Platforms

December 6, 2022

Online users are frequently not who they seem to be, as is well documented.

Although it can happen to anyone, tens of thousands of internet users fall for online romance scams every year. These con tricks are getting more common on social media sites and dating websites because they are so convincing. Bad actors are particularly skilled at playing on victims’ emotions and making them feel as though they are a part of their personal lives in order to steal valuable assets like money and personal data.

Google Hangouts Scams

While dating can be delightful, it can also have its share of unpleasant surprises. That applies to situations in which the person you believed you knew through Google Hangouts or any meet-up service is actually someone else. We reasoned that we should go more deeply into the complex area of online dating fraud.

Not the well-known, by this point, phoney online dating profiles that request money once a relationship develops. We got in touch with two of the most reputable, top-tier matchmakers in North America to get their opinions: and Susan Trombetti. Bonnie Winston

Both of them have experience working with celebrities and are knowledgeable enough to recognise warning signs of romance scams.

Matebaiting is a term Winston invented. It is what? “When two people are dating, crooks entice them with exactly what they claim they want. Let me explain,” our expert, Bonnie Winston,’s founder, adds.

“Imagine you go on a first date and list all your requirements over dinner. On the second date, the other person may state that they want to get married and start a family soon as well. This could indicate that there is some chemistry between them. Or something like, Hey, I enjoy camping and eating Indian food. I want to be in a committed relationship, too.

They are mate-baiting, in other words. Knowing what you want and then giving you exactly what you want to hear about a long-term relationship. These individuals, who could be male or female, are only interested in the short term and are manipulative in nature.

“Marriage and having kids are frequently, and especially for women, the ultimate aim, and guys are aware of this. Therefore, Winston cautions, “Be careful about disclosing too much in your online profile, on social media, or on a first or second date.

“The person engaging in these acts occasionally has an extremely troubling past. I once met an extremely gorgeous man who was also intelligent and charismatic. Even though I was shocked to learn that he had never been wed or been in a long-term committed relationship, I nevertheless chose to consider representing him.

“After some time, I found out that this man had served seven years in prison for a $750,000 money-laundering conspiracy… Will you believe him?” asks Winston.

“Be sure to spend a lot of time looking for your possibility on the Internet. You’d be shocked at how much material there is to find, especially in this day and age. Even though not everything you find online is true, you can tell when you do, as I did in the case I just described. Additionally, if you really like someone and are thinking about a future with them, don’t be afraid to run a background check on them.

Generally Majority of Communication is Non-Verbal Communication

Susan Trombetti, a matchmaker and the CEO of Exclusive Matchmaking, however, employs her experience in detecting fraud to weed out dishonest people. Susan has a unique understanding of how to spot forgeries as a former liquidator of fraudulent portfolios. All of her clients are benefiting from her knowledge sharing.

“Rely on your gut. Observe their actions rather than just what they say. Since 90% of communication is nonverbal, you might identify a relationship sooner than you anticipate, the expert advises.

“Use an expert who has access to resources to help you if you are unsure about a person.”

“I know a woman who discovered that her future husband has not one, but NINE other identities just two weeks before her wedding. That is ridiculous, right? She began to delve a little since she sensed something was off.

There is another case I am aware of. A woman was married to a man who had been long since deceased and had used his Social Security number. You don’t want to get caught off guard like that. Ever”.

Scams in Dating: How to Avoid

There is no shame in Googling someone if you are interested in them, according to Bonnie Winston and Susan Trombetti. You can also look into the public records of your new partner.

Keep your heart out of leading. Don’t get very thrilled by what they initially tell you and keep an eye out for contradictions. Does the tale include all of the dates? Keep an eye out for anyone posing as someone they’re not on Google Hangouts.

People enter relationships far too quickly. Try to look it down and intelligently observe it. If it’s difficult to identify a soulmate, trust your intuition and consult an expert. Join Ashley Madison or Searching For Singles if you’re looking for a reliable online dating service).

How to Report Online Dating Scams

Share the names of any suspect people in the Comments section below to alert your friends and family. Additionally, you can formally report the con artists to the Federal Trade Commission by clicking on the following link:

Inform The FTC Here

How To Be More Protective

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