Everything You Need To Know About Bumble Boost Settlement

December 3, 2022

Is the Bumble Boost Settlement Scam Real?

Did you learn of a successful class action lawsuit or receive an email regarding a Bumble Boost settlement? Numerous readers have written to us inquiring about a possible Bumble Boost settlement scam. From where is that coming?

Bumble Boost Settlement

You might be eligible for $129 from a $22.5 million class-action settlement regarding auto-renewal allegations if you currently use or have previously used the Bumble dating app. There are a few requirements (given below), but we must first address the concern about scams.

There really is a Bumble Boost town. We’re not discussing romance fraud here; instead, we’re discussing privacy. See if you meet the requirements and where to apply by taking a closer look.

To whom does the Bumble Boost Settlement apply?

Are you interested in learning if you are eligible for the Bumble Boost Settlement? It’s critical to realise that there are two categories of class members included in this settlement:

  • Users who purchased the Bumble Boost between November 13, 2014, and July 15, 2020, are one example.
  • One was defended by customers from California who were billed for the Bumble Boost subscription auto-renewal. They also had to have made their purchases between 2014 and 2020.

Are you one of these individuals? The Bumble Boost Settlement is not a scam!

What to Apply For

To apply for the Bumble Boost settlement, if you are eligible, open the link below:

CLICK HERE To Apply For The Bumble Settlement

How much is available? If you were a member of the initial class, you may get between $21 and $100. If you’re from California, you might get anything from $64 to $129 in compensation.

Additionally crucial is the fact that each and every claim form need a claim number, which may be found on the notice postcard or email you may have received. The email address and phone number linked to your Bumble account must be provided if you did not receive the alert.

Your claim must be submitted by November 23, which is also the date specified for the Facebook Illinois class action settlement.

Watch out for other legal scams like the Holland and Lieberman Lawsuit Scam in the meanwhile.

Tips For Reporting Scammers

Using the buttons given, share this article on social media to let your friends know about it. Using the following website, you can formally report any other questionable activities to the Federal Trade Commission at any time:

Report Here To The FTC

How to Avoid Identity Theft and Other Issues

You may sign up for the Scam Detector email here if you want to be the first to learn about the most well-known scams every week. We’ll send you emails from time to time, but we won’t spam you. Learn more about dating fraud by reading the articles immediately below this one so that you can be protected in a variety of situations. Last but not least, reveal further con artists using the comments area below.

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