7 Awesome Ideas for Unique Amazon Product Photography

December 27, 2022

Attracting your buyer’s attention is important on platforms like Amazon. Such marketplaces cater to huge online consumer traffic and an equally large number of sellers. You must think out of the box and try unique methods to allure buyers while successfully outdoing the competition.

As far as Amazon is concerned, product photographs offer good scope for experimenting. You can try new and improved ideas to enhance your product images and attract more buyers. Let’s discuss some unique product photography ideas for your Amazon listings. Also, if you find it hard to work on the product images, we’ll discuss how you can outsource Amazon photo editing to reap the benefits without hassle.

The Role of Product Photos on Amazon

Online consumers look for a trust element in a product listing. Product images are one of the initial trust markers and are critical to engaging prospective buyers. Consumers are most likely to click on a search result if the image appeals to them. Many consumers also prefer to scroll through the photos before reading detailed descriptions, which shows how much the visual appeal of a product matters to them. 

Therefore, on Amazon, photo retouching matters a great deal. 

Unique Amazon Product Photo Retouching Ideas

  • Floating Effects

This effect is very attractive as it gives a 3D feel to the customers. You can use a fishnet wire or cable to hang your product against a white or dark background. If your product is heavy, you can use colored backdrop stands. You must place or hang the product in a way that creates the illusion of floating for the viewer. Later, Amazon photo editing experts can remove and mix backgrounds and refine colors to improve the effect.

  • Background and Floor Effects

Another unique effect you can add to product images involves tweaking the background and flooring. While your primary product image should have a white background, as per Amazon’s guidelines, the other image can be taken against blurred outdoor settings. Such images will give consumers a better feel of your product in open surroundings. Another style of creating a unique background can be color blocking. Contrast color can be used in the backdrop of the product to enhance the item’s color.

Also, you can edit some of the images and showcase them on glass-like flooring. Although this might not go with every item, products like shoes or electronics with gripping stands. It portrays a side of the product that is otherwise not seen, providing better clarity and increasing trust among consumers. Such an effect can be created with the help of a glass pane. 

  • Smoky Effect

Creating a smoke effect around your product in an image projects it with a raw look. Depending on your product, colored or normal smoke can be added to the photos. These effects are usually created with the help of smoke guns or similar props. Smoke effects would work very well if you deal in accessories or cosmetic products.

  • Use of Reflections

Reflections are widely used to create a product catalog that catches customers’ attention. They can be deployed on any side of the product or multiple sides. Reflections bring depth to an item’s photo, particularly if your product has edges; it  will increase its appeal. Amazon vendors specializing in beauty products, jewelry, or similar items, can edit images to add reflection. Photoshop has options for adding reflection during edits.

  • Visual Effects for Movement

Clever use of visual effects can bring extra creativity and a practical feel. Similarly, visual effects can showcase items in motion or highlight the flexible parts. It is particularly advantageous if your competitor’s product is more rigid.

If you are an experienced photographer, you can easily create such shots by adjusting slow shutter speed and motion blur.

But, creating a motion effect can be tricky if you are an amateur photographer. In such scenarios, one  can use advanced photo editing software and combine different shots of movement to bring out this effect.

  • Use of Infographics and Labels

On Amazon product listings, infographics solve multiple purposes. They are visually appealing, enhance product description, and work as a highlighter of the item’s USP. Consumers might ignore the instructions in a product description, but they will surely read an infographic as it is easier to understand. If your product requires an explanation, let it be working, making, or other details, create an attractive infographic.

Amazon sellers can describe each part of the product using infographics, explaining its purpose and details. It can be used as an opportunity to showcase unique features and highlight special parts that consumers can miss in other photos. Step-by-step usage can also be described for viewers. For instance, the control panel or interface buttons can be shown through close-up shots with explanations.

  • Addition of Photos that Showcase Real-life Usage 

There are various ways to showcase a product’s usage to the buyer. Creative thinking can be used to portray the human usage of the product from a unique perspective. It will help consumers understand the usage and allure them to own the item. Nondescript silhouettes of people can also be shown to mark the product’s usage.

Mannequins are a popular presentation prop in retail stores; they can also be used in Amazon product photography. Later, the images can be edited with the ghost mannequin effect. Sellers can also experiment by highlighting human interaction with the product. For instance, you can show a human hand holding a product (like a phone case) to provide an exact estimation of its size. This way, the consumers can relate better to the displayed connection and need.


Captivating product photographs are essential for an Amazon listing’s success. High-quality, attractive images do the job of converting leads into sales. However, retail store management is a complex task involving multiple responsibilities. Skills, creativity, and time is prerequisite for editing product photos to perfection. In such a case, outsourcing Amazon photo editing services will be a wise option.

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